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About Me

I am a long time resident of Villa Hills, KY.  After going to school at the same place my kids now go, St. Joseph, and then spending four years at Notre Dame Academy, I went to the University of Kentucky on an academic scholarship and earned two degrees!

I married my long time friend Kenny right after graduation, and we went on to have two beautiful children!  I love being a wife and a mom, and that is always my number one priority!  By trade, I am an IT geek, and have worked in the corporate world and the university environment, along with as a consultant in that arena, until I retired myself from that career by building this business!  

I am a lover of travel, music, and animals!  You will find us at LEAST once a year traveling to Disney, and often on long weekend trips to a variety of places!  Many times these trips are to see bands play around the country!  We have two cats, a dog, and many fish, but those are just the current in a long line of all kinds of animals that have passed through our family!

I also have a passion for makeup!  Having battled uneven skin tone and redness my whole life, I had always counted on makeup, but didn't know a lot about it.  I first found Younique through a friend's online party.  When I tried some of the products I was blown away by the superior coverage and the long lasting finish that was better than the more expensive makeup counter products I was purchasing!

I told my husband I was buying a presenter's kit to get a discount on my makeup, which he was totally on board with!  Neither of us could have known it would turn into a thriving family business that not only allowed us to have extra income and travel, but would let us help others and make friends internationally!